Management makes it happen!

A great example of this is when RTA founder, Doran Eichenberg, found a rough and unpolished artist named Nathan Feuerstein.  He saw something in NF that he believed could accomplish something no other hip-hop artist in the Christian music scene had been able to achieve: Gain the attention of the major labels.  And having had his first two projects become #1 selling albums, with multiple opportunities with TV/Film, large stages, and radio success, the evidence is clear that his instinct was spot on!  The video above documents Doran introducing NF to Josh Bailey @ Warner/Word Records where Nate (NF) gets called out for, not only the freestyle of a lifetime, but what would also contribute to gaining the attention of Capitol CMG who would become his first major label partner, and the rest is as they say: is History.

An Artist Story

"How do you get noticed and build a career as an artist in today's market?" is a question Radar Talent Agency's founder, Doran Eichenberg is asked often. His response is always the same, "First, you have to have the raw skills to be a great artist.  But that alone will never be enough."  

Imagine for a moment that you've been trapped in a cave for 16, 18, or 25 years. While in that cave, you discover a piece of coal that you believe contains a diamond.  After years of effort, you finally break open the coal to reveal the largest diamond the world has EVER known!  You know that if you can just get out of this cave, that your whole life would change.  What's even better is the fact that you know what you're going to do to make a difference in the lives of thousands of people because of the resources this diamond, this gift, will provide: IF YOU COULD JUST BE FOUND AND GET OUT OF THE CAVE!  

One day, a prospector happens by the thinnest section of the cave wall and hears you.  Now here's the interesting part.  You tell him that you have this incredible diamond and what you plan to do with it if he'll just get you out of the cave!  He looks at the situation and determines that it's going to take well over a year to get you out of the cave because there's no way to get any equipment to this remote location.  You tell him that you'll pay him a percentage of whatever it's worth if he'll believe you and get you out.  The prospector thinks about it for a moment.  Ponders how he'll have to sacrifice a part of every day for the next year, time he could be working to earn money elsewhere, in hopes of your diamond actually being worth something and that it'll be enough to make his time invested worth it.  Otherwise, he might as well keep doing what he's doing to take care of his family.  

After careful consideration, the prospector agrees and begins the long labor of uncovering the entrance to the cave.  All along, wondering if he's wasting his time.

A Worker is Worth His Wage

How much do you reward this prospector that found you and subsequently frees and leads you to the people interested in your diamond?  It would be easy for this person, AFTER they are out of the cave, and have received their reward for the diamond, to no longer value the belief, trust, and determination the prospector put in to help their diamond be found.  But the fact of the matter is this: Without him, the diamond, and subsequently, it's worth, would be no more than that of the coal it came from. 

A professional Manager is like a prospector.  They search the caves of this world for the "diamonds" that are hidden in small town caves (NF) or lost in the metropolis caverns, and for the lumps of coal that they know contain a "diamond" within!  Do you want to keep 100% of your diamonds value?  Then by all means, stay in the cave and be content.  But if you want to gain REAL value from your "diamond" then by all means, pay the prospector a fair percentage and value the fact that they helped your diamond be discovered. 

You see, an Artist knows how to build a song, but a good manager (prospector) is the one that can take that and build it into a career. By enlisting their relationships, support networks, and resources, all of which are needed just to get an opportunity to share your "diamond".  Then it takes a vision to keep the artist true to who they while filling a void in the market place for the fans.