Artist Consultation

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Artist Consultation

from 100.00

Basic, Booking, Social Media, Website, Song, and Album Reviews are all 1 Hour Consultations.  Complete Package is a 3 hour Consultation.  

The following is a breakdown of each service.

Basic ($150) -  This is for the entry level professional that needs direction with any or all of the following.

  • Overall direction - Example: helping a music artist determine the right genre for them to pursue. 
  • Quick Q&A session regarding social media
  • Brief overview of sponsors and endorsements
  • 3 Step Action Plan

Booking ($150) - Want to get more gigs?  We'll cover tips and tools to make that happen.

Social Media ($150) - This has now become the #1 thing industry executives, promoters, and endorsements look at when considering working with you.  We'll cover a strategy to help you see sustainable growth that increases traffic and engages your base.

Website ($150) - This is your business portal to the world, and one of the things that still separates you from the rest of the "fish in the ocean".  We'll go through a complete evaluation of your site, current trends, images, and functionality.

Song Review ($100) - Feel like you have a hit song?  We'll give you constructive feedback, and action steps, to either take your song to the next level, or explain why you shouldn't.

Album Review ($250) - Are you dreaming of having a #1 Billboard charting album?  We listen to every song on your project, and breakdown each song (up to 12) to help you determine if it's really worth putting in front of the critical public.  If we fall in love with it, we'll let you know what can be done to take your music to a professional level.

Complete Package ($750) - This is for artists/speakers/entertainers who are certain a professional career is their call in life.  You have to qualify for this level by having a minimum of 500 Like/Followers on Facebook and Twitter.  This package is a combination of all of our services offered and will empower your passion towards a sustainable career.

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